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Bunnywood Creations was born off of Happy Holler Road when Dane Petersen & Cassondra Stukofski lovingly married their art supplies into a multi-purpose studio; Bunnywood is now located in the SoBro district of Indianapolis.


Cassie's Art
Cassie's Portfolio 2004-Present
Dane's Work
Dane's Portfolio 2004-Present
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Cassie & Dane produce fine art through many mediums, such as: painting & printmaking, drawing, music, paper & wire sculpture, photography, writing, computer rendered 2D & 3D media-arts, and game design.


Original Design, Portrait / Landscape / Nature / Architectural / Product Photography, Digital Art, Image Preservation & Repair, High Resolution Scan & Printing Services, Dream Catchers & Wireform Sculptures, Handmade Paper, Custom Planner Development, Aesthetic Branding + Logo Design, Coloring Pages & 

Books, Graphic Design, Custom Typefaces, Social Media Advertisement Deployment

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