Bunnywood Creations was born on the edge of Happy Holler Road, when Dane Petersen & Cassondra Stukofski lovingly married their art supplies into a multi-purpose studio, near tiny Brazil, in southwestern Indiana.

The pair produce fine art and craft through many mediums, such as painting, drawing, music, sculpture, photography, writing, computer-rendered 2D & 3D media-arts, and videogame design.

Bunnywood Creations relocated to the Broad Ripple arts and crafts district in October 2017 where they have been operating since.


Cassondra Stukofski  graduated in 2008 with a BFA in Printmaking & Book Arts from Herron School of Art + Design in Indianapolis. She grew up near a small town on a farm in northern Indiana. Cassie spent summers camping and fishing in Minnesota, refining her art skills whenever possible.

Cassie's undergraduate work focused on beauty, human relationships, self-esteem and the over-sexualization of our Western consumer culture. 

Her recent work examines themes and imagery derived from dreams and the mythical, magical & natural world. She uses art and craft to achieve this through many mediums, such as painting, found object sculptures, drawings, taking photographs, and collage.


Dane Petersen  graduated from ITT Tech in 2010 with a BAS in computer graphics and videogame design. Dane spent his youth exploring society and the human condition through hitchhiking and embracing alternative living styles. He traveled cross-country experiencing a homeless life, relying on the goodness of humanity to carry and inspire him.

Dane’s current work focuses on the complexities of society through a “choose your own adventure” style videogame, involving dragons and other mythical creatures, as well as creating complex geometric coloring pages and dabbling in nature-inspired macro photography.

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Cassie & Dane
Happy Holler Studio
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