<< Graphic Design Services >>

$60 and up

Cassie's digital graphics & traditional printmaking experience combine with Dane's 3D & game design background to form many adaptable skills -- always valuing quality takes time, patience and (many) a critical eye. Check out our services page to book online or call us for a free quote

<< Relax with Coloring Books & Pages >>

$2.50 - $25.00

Bunnywood creates individual [custom] coloring pages and books based on themed photography -- pages or books can also be (re)designed into various skill levels. Check back periodically for new designs!


<< Digital Manipulations >>

$7.50 and up

Cassie & Dane work together with layered drawings and manipulated photography to create uniquely organic patterns available in a variety of printed items, including fine art prints, wearable art and even bedding!

<< New Skills & Mixed Media >>

Ask US!

Cassie has been experimenting with several materials and processes concerning fluid art and collage recently. She has also expanded skills in the areas of traditional egg tempera painting and paper repair/ painting restoration.

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